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There is inconsistencies with the benefit of coops and feeders... when you build them the coop says it provides a 50% bonus, the feeder 25% benefit but on the revenue screen the coop claims a mere 25% and the feeder is uninclined to say... so which is it?

Also I don't know how it is being calculated or when but the AI start bidding very high (it had spare cash) and bid 270 but then only seemed to lose 130 on the total cash shown on the farm screen... did I miss something about the bidding process or is the normal level AI getting a discount?


Nice game- there’s a remarkable amount of polish there :)

I wasn’t amazingly good at it- but then I’ve never been too good a sims/strategy. I think I would have stood a better chance if the chicken auction at the start had been a bit more of a auction where you could keep raising / see rival bids- especially for the first chicken where you have no real idea what a “good price” is :)

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Thank you Thomas! We really appreciate your feedback and suggestion, we're glad you enjoyed it :) 


Hey. I just played your game. I love it. I would like to say specific things about game-play. However, it felt so lovely and polished that it is difficult for me to make any suggestions. I hope to see more of your games in the future. I recorded how I played your game on the video. You can check it below. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe.

Hey Vlad! We're so glad you liked our game. It looked like you were having a lot of fun playing it 😄. Just so you know, we've updated the game with some improvements today. :) We hope you enjoy it. 

We've subscribed to your channel and we wish you the best! 

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I updated the link and tried a new update. I love how it looks nice. The UI became more informative. Also, AI became more complicated, indeed. I lost with a higher difference in hard difficulty. It was a long fight tho.

Wow! That was a long fight indeed! Well played haha 😄


Checked it out, and I won by killing all my enemies chickens.

Would be nice if you could sell your feeder and coop in case you regret, or as a strategic move. 

Also, in case you aim to further expand this game it would be nice to have other objectives than beating your competitor, as the game will only last as long as the AI does (or you of course). I.e. I won at day 12, and as a result I didn't get to delve into the more complex strategies of coops, ponds, and venturing out into the forest.


Also the new improvements helped a lot with the feel and flow of the game! Forgot to mention that. :)


Great suggestion! We will definitely take it into consideration for our next update, you can try the AI on a harder difficulty for longer games, he's not so good with his money!

There is the ability to continue in "Sandbox mode" after you or the AI wins, in this mode, you play against yourself to try and keep your chickens alive but other objectives would be a good addition to this. :)


I thought it was very good, it's on a professional level, I just couldn't play well because I'm Brazilian and I don't speak English, but as little as I understood the game it looks very good, it reminded me of some farm games I played in childhood..

An advice, improve this game and post it on steam..

Wow! Thank you for those kind words! Your encouragement means a lot to us and we are so excited about this game.

If we do release it on steam, we will make sure it supports Portuguese as a priority! :) ( Please correct us if that's not your native language! )


Great, so there is already a player waiting for publication, Yes it is Brazilian Portuguese..